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Monday, November 30, 2015

Like BBQ? Seek Out Jimmy's BBQ in Malvern, PA

Jimmy's BBQ, located at 309 Lancaster Avenue in Malvern, Pennsylvania, is worth your time. Your taste buds will thank you. Slow cooked barbeque awaits you there. The pulled pork sandwich I had (dry rubbed and smoked for 12 hours) was wonderful. It was also large enough to sample all three of the barbeque sauces at the table (hot, sweet, and vinegar-based [the last a treat I hadn't had since living down South]). It was well worth the $7.25 for that filling sandwich. No coleslaw topped this pulled pork, although provided on the side, so do as you see fit.

I look forward to going back to try the ribs sometime when I need a real treat. You know you are in carnivore heaven when you see offered as an appetizer 1/4 pound of smoked bacon for $3.50. You can get chicken, sausage, and salmon sandwiches as well. Salads and sides are available if you feel so inclined. Family packs are available and catering is done.

If you are looking for a fancy joint with plenty of "ambiance" and a two hour wait, go elsewhere. If you're looking for a place you can take the whole family and you'll be fed right, stop by Jimmy's BBQ.

You can find Jimmy's online to see more. Here's the menu:

Bon appetite. (So much for my declaration never to review another restaurant after two closed on me, but this is special.)

Stand Up Against Toxic Speech

With the shooting at the Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado as the most recent example, it is long past time for civil people to speak up against hateful speech. For far too long, we have allowed commentators, politicians, and their followers to spew hateful messages against all who oppose them. We must not allow such hateful lies stand. We need to counter such messages with facts, delivered civilly, to counter messages that demean others (often simply for the crime of disagreeing with the speaker's narrow interpretation of some issue) and are quite often fact free.

We need to speak up and help curb this dangerous trend for the sake of those who can be swayed to violence based on such hate speech. To stand by silently, is to be complicit with the violence that comes in the future. Politicians who lie to make political points must be called on their falsehoods, publicly and persistently. Politicians who use thug tactics and support violence against those who disagree with them from among their own supporters must be stopped. Their way of thinking and acting is too toxic to be allowed to gain access to the seats of power in ours or any nation.

Those who resort to bullying, lies, and hate speech to get their way are banking on the idea that civilized people will not speak up against them. Civilized people will be too shocked and will resist getting drawn down into the mud where such folks thrive. Well, that cannot be allowed to continue. We must be willing to speak up, to marshal our facts, to speak truth to power, and to demand together that the equivalent of yelling fire in a crowded theater is not allowed to continue any further. If we do not, our democracy and our civilization will be destroyed. If we do not, those chimps using simple stone age tools may be our replacements as we allow hatreds to grow to the point we enter a final war. I hope and believe we are smarter than that. 

Stone Age Chimps Offer Humans New Opportunity

Science fiction is full of stories of the benevolent advanced species who helps guide a much more primitive people to a better understanding of their universe. These advanced species put their primitive counterparts on a path that advances them in their evolutionary struggles. Well, science has provided us, we humans, with the opportunity to become that advanced and benevolent species ourselves. It seems African chimps with stone resources readily available to them have entered a stone age all their own. It's pretty simple tool use at this point, rock hammers for pounding open tough nuts, but it's a start.

The question is, could we bring ourselves to be concerned enough about another species to actually provide such help. Or, are we more primitive than we like to think? Will we remain mired in our own arguments, feuds, and turf wars and not be inclined to help? Or, will we be so greedy for land and resources, that we will drive yet another thinking species into extinction, as we have done before. The choice is ours. I hope we'll follow the science fiction path. I hope we'll be more successful at it than the monolith seeding aliens of 2001: A Space Odyssey whose advanced knowledge led the early humans to use those bones as clubs to kill off a particularly irritating rival for a water source. While the monolith technology is beyond us, the ability to help is not. Although, we would have to violate that Star Trek Prime Directive to do so. I wonder if we will?

For one of many articles on this subject of tool using chimps, see:

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Disturbing News from Bookstore: The Five Minute Response

I was in my local bookstore, looking for a particular translation and edition of a study Bible I find valuable. I couldn't find it on the shelf in the hardback edition, so I went looking for the information desk person and help. I was told that the Bible I was seeking was listed as being available on the shelf. We went to look again. The edition I was looking for was not to be found. My helper sighed and told me a "Bible liberation" group had been through the last week.

I was mystified. I asked for a little clarification.

I was told "Bible liberation" folks believe the Word should be free to all. Therefore, they go against the teachings of the Bible and steal copies from bookstores to give away later.

I am appalled with this behavior. It is wrong and wrong-headed. Let me suggest an alternative. If you wish to give away the Word free, then purchase copies, perhaps used from library sales, and give them away. That way you respect the work that went into printing, binding, publishing, and distributing the Bible. You encourage more copies to be printed. You provide the Word free as you desire it to be, standing on your values without going against Scripture in the process. You become a better believer on a much more honest ministry mission.

And that's the five minute response. 

When Passion Twists Us

I had an unfortunate encounter with a "true believer" the other day. The event, the day, the time, none of that is important. The person's identity and gender, equally unimportant. What was important is that this individual had very strong views on abortion and was sharing them publicly in a venue not appropriate for such sharing. This person is stridently against legal abortion.

Sadly, this individual also is strongly against any human being who does not share the very narrow interpretation this person had adopted as his/her own. In a very few minutes, this true believer had managed to insult many friends of mine, family members, and all the Protestant denominations in a wide ranging series of gross generalizations extending far afield from the original topic. I did my best to remain civil while trying to suggest that not all of the information and assumptions about others presented were correct or helpful. However, when taken by surprise, it is difficult to be as clear-headed as one would like to be.

I have reached an age where I can no longer sit silently for the sake of polite society when one stomps so carelessly on others while following a certain point of view and position in society, especially a hot button issue like this. It is going to take some time to find just the right note or to determine when the best response might simply be to question the appropriateness of the discussion at that particular moment in that venue. The thing I found saddest in the situation is that this individual who so strongly supported life prior to an age of reason, seemed to have no support whatsoever for people who disagreed on this one topic once they could think for themselves.

I suggest moving forward, even when passionate for our position on some topics, that we work hard to respect the views and life experiences of others, listen to them, and see where we might agree, where we might actually be able to work together from those positions of agreement, so that we can strengthen society as a whole, understand each other more clearly, and leave behind the gross generalizations that so often lead to violence and injustice when left unchecked.

Wishing you all peace in troubled times.

Advantage of Early Rising

When you find yourself
up with the moon...
It is the day before Thanksgiving. I have to go to work and tie up loose ends, including writing my Sunday sermon (not something I want to be doing on Friday after Thanksgiving while visiting with family). It is 5:45 a.m. I've been up since 5. That'll teach me to go to bed early because I "need the extra sleep for the five hour trip." HA! I feel like I'm living in Stephen King's novel Insomnia (if you haven't read it I highly recommend it). So, being a sometimes blogger (sorry about the lack of material for over 20 days ... work and one of the biggest seasons of the liturgical year coming up kept me away), it was nice to have something to do with the hour before I am supposed to be awake.

Rather than fighting, tossing and turning, and possibly waking my wife, I'd rather be doing something at least somewhat useful. So here we are reader, you and I, sharing a few moments. I highly recommend to you that you too find something you enjoy doing with the sleepless times as they come. Be grateful rather than resentful and put yourself to work. Obviously you've gotten all the sleep your body is going to give you. Like the main character in Insomnia, learn to appreciate what you were given and deal with the wakefulness in a positive way. Who knows where that will lead you? It could be quite productive. An approach of thankfulness is certainly better than one of resentfulness. It starts the day on so much of a higher note. 

Capturing More with Cell Phone Camera

I've taken pictures for a long time, some of the photography was done professionally for books on a wide variety of antiques and collectibles. I've used a wide range of cameras. However, none has changed my own behavior as much as the camera in my cell phone. I'm more willing to experiment with a wider range of images using my cell phone because it is always there with me. The quality is good ... not nearly as good as an expensive digital SLR would be. However, it is good enough to capture the play of light and shadow, as seen here with the nearly full moon lighting the clouds around it. The moon isn't crisply defined, but then again the picture was taken hand-held and is pretty good for that unstable mount in the dark of night.

I'm enjoying playing with this system. I wonder just how much more of life is being captured during this time in human history than was ever captured before using rolls of film or digital memory cards in larger cameras.

Well, I can answer at least part of that question. A great many cell phone cameras are being used to capture injustices (still pictures and movies) as they occur and change the way people either behave or view the behavior of others. So, at times the impact is great ... especially when it allows so many of us to become photojournalists of the amateur sort. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Stress Kills Joy: The Five Minute Response

Stopping at the library tonight I made a discovery. For quite a while now, my new career path has had me seriously stressed. With that stress came a loss of desire to do some of the things I love, the things that make me feel human. When I say a new book by Christopher Moore (self-described comic horror author), a sequel to one of my favorite novels: A Dirty Job, titled Secondhand Souls, I snatched it up for a quick read. It was then I realized just how long it had been since I'd read fiction for fun. That was one of my joys, one that had dropped away under the stress of getting up to speed with the new career.

Another joy is writing these blog posts on the weird variety of topics I like to follow. But that's over now. I'm back. I'm feeling a lot more myself for it. Don't let stress rob you of your joys. Force yourself to continue to do those things you love. Force yourself to carve out time FOR yourself. It is necessary for mental health and will make it easier for loved ones and friends ... and work colleagues ... to be around you.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some reading to do.

And that's the five minute response.

For more on Moore, Christopher that is, see:

Monday, November 2, 2015

Our Superpower

When you were a kid, did you wish you had superpowers? Yeah, me too. I thought if I had real superpowers I could make a difference in this world of ours (after spending a lot of time flying and busting through walls just for the heck of it ... I was a kid after all). Turns out we are all gifted with one superpower, a superpower that actually is a life or death power over others. It is called ... love.

Sure, roll your eyes now. You knew it had to be something lame like this, right? But, I tell you it IS a superpower. You only think it is not because we have all been gifted with it (every normal human that is, yeah there are a few dangerous and sad illnesses that prevent this superpower from taking hold). Babies will not thrive unless someone bestows love upon them. Our domesticated pets crave love from us. We have written more books, songs, and poems about the superpower of love than any other thing in the whole wide world.

Using this superpower to love others, we change the world in small ways. Did you know that notes have been left behind by suicide victims (people suffering from the terminal effect of a dread disease, that's suicide) who jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge that said if just one person will smile at me or say a kind word to me (offer me just a little love in other words), I will not jump. That's the life or death power of love. It's real.

I recently watched an old video of one of my very favorite preachers, the Reverend Fred Rogers of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood fame speak on the power of love when receiving an award later in his life for his work on TV. He said each and every person involved in the television industry had a responsibility to promote the sanctity of life, the worth of every person, so that all who watched might be convinced that they are a person of worth, that their life makes a difference, and that they can improve the lives of others. Promoting an idea that life is cheap is wrong and must end. That was powerful preaching from someone who knew the power of love. During this show, Mr. Rogers would tell the children who watched that he loved them. When asked why, he said he knew that for some it would be the only time that day they heard a person tell them they were loved. That's how important love was to Fred Rogers.

I've used this superpower to diffuse tension. Try this: while waiting in line at the cashier, if things begin to get tense, find some reason to smile and maybe strike up a friendly conversation with the person next to you. Watch the tensions begin to diminish as the people around you react to your warm and relaxed attitude. It's powerful. Be kind to others, offer a helping hand, and listen more than speaking (others need to be heard, sometimes desperately). Use you superpower for good. Help change the world around you in small ways. You never know where that will lead you. You never know when your warm smile, friendly wave, or gentle greeting might just save a life.

Let me know how it works out for you. Yes you, who are a person of worth, a person loved. Have a blessed day. 

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