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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Working for the Future We Want

We are not passive players in life. We may not be able to travel in time. There may be no Back to the Future for us. But we can seed the future and help it grow in directions we want it to go. There is no reason to accept things as they are or surrender ourselves to some distopian view of the future (i.e. Bladerunner as one example).

For many decades science fiction authors have done just that. Now it's our turn as well. Work for a future filled with justice and compassion for all peoples everywhere. Work for a future in which everyone is valued and considered people of worth.

Follow guides you believe work well and apply them to our future world. Me, I'm a Christian seminarian, I'll be following the Bible and working for social justice and compassion as part of our collective future. For me, this idea is well expressed in the concept of Proleptic Eschatology, which means in a nutshell that God offers us all the chance to work with God to bring about God's peaceable kingdom of justice, mercy, compassion, and more. I intend to do just that. I'm flattered and humbled to take up that offer and run with it. I started years ago and never intend to finish. Michael and the New Baby was one small attempt to build a better future by offering up a positive vision of brother- and sisterhood for children to follow, calming their fears about the new baby. It wasn't easy ... and trying to promote it is hell ... but I believe every positive effort is a worthy seed for a better future. How about you? Ready to build a better future?

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