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Friday, September 23, 2011

CERN scientists break the speed of light

If this proves true, take that stodgy particle physicists! Nothing can go faster than light speed, eh! Ha, Ha, Ha! CERN and those tiny little neutrinos disagree. But, don't take it too hard. There was a time when scientists firmly believed nobody could survive speeds higher than 20 mph as well (around the time the first locomotives were being introduced). Time to rewrite physics, perhaps? Hmmm??? Thanks to my friends at Universe Today for bringing this story to my attention. Warp speed, Mr. Scott!

UPDATE 9/23/11: According to the BBC, if the speed of light is not the universal limit, then time travel is possible. And if time travel is possible ... so is Dr. Who!

UPDATE 6/3/12: Well ... according to recent reports they found a piece of equipment that wasn't working right and the speed of light is still the official limit. Party poopers. Of course ... it could be a conspiracy for those of you who are so inclined. Perhaps the Daleks are behind it all. 

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