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Friday, September 16, 2011

ENOUGH! Demand Social Justice for ALL

I have had it with political news these days in the United States (Disunited States in the current political climate). Years ago I read a Machiavellian book on how to get ahead in business. One of the key pieces of advice that stuck in my mind like a cold dagger was, when you need to make a serious decision, set up a subcommittee led by someone you want to fail. This someone, who will be out of your way by the end of the committee's life, will work on the problem and come up with a less-than-satisfactory answer to the problem. You, meanwhile, will scheme behind the scenes to come up with a better solution on your own to present after the committee's work is complete, further undermining the committee chair's position and elevating yours. I imagine the head of Congress's super committee on the economy is feeling like a marked person these days. From what I read, I don't believe anyone in Congress outside that committee believes anything will be accomplished there, despite their rhetoric. In the end, the American people, particularly the jobless (and I know too many) will suffer further and Congress will continue to set their own agenda to the advantage of their powerful cronies and the detriment of everyone else.

We are cruising toward the next election cycle, like a plane on autopilot cruising too low toward an approaching mountain range, and the results are likely to be about as positive for the average worker, the poor, and the struggling middle class of America. During this campaign, candidates for various offices, including the White House, will haul out their faith statements and say what good, faithful followers they are. However, they will have quite a job proving that is true. You see, God (in the Judeo-Christian understanding of God) is the God of mercy and justice. If these politicians are not working for social justice, if they do not have the best interests of the impoverished, the weak, the sick, the widow, the orphan, and the foreigners in mind, they are not following God's call. They are not people living out their faith and should not be allowed to say so. People of real faith should call them on this. If politicians are industriously trying to undermine social security nets, eroding political systems from which they have made a living to weaken average people's protections while increasing the profits for the rich, they are not people of true faith. Before the election season is in full swing, these office seekers need to reread their Bibles (or read them for the first time) and see how much time is spent on unjust governments, judges, politicians, religious leaders (see Pharisees here), and employers. They need to see, we ALL need to see, how angry God becomes when faced with such human injustice. Don't allow politicans of any political party get away with calling themselves people of faith if they do not seek social justice for all, particularly social justice for those who cannot support these politicians financially. Find your voice, speak out, insist on answers and demand change today. Oh, yes, and if you heard that Sodom and Gamorah were destroyed for their peoples' sexual preferences, you've been misinformed. Those ill-fated cities were destroyed for a failure to show hospitality and mercy. Think about that in light of the current political climate. For more on social justice and politics see Jim Wallis' blog: and read this article:

Finally, why don't we dust off the wonderful Jewish and ancient law requiring a 50 year Jubilee in which all debts are forgiven in the 50th year, land taken from families for debt issues are returned to them, and everyone gets to go back home to their families and out of debtor's servitude. That would be a grand start to a new age of true social justice!

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