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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Our Beagle: the Family's Court Jester

Beagles keep you on your toes. Beagles "bay" at everything. Our beagle has a deep and abiding conviction that all inanimate objects are plotting against her. Ridiculous, yes? Ridiculous, no, this morning. I woke up several minutes before the alarm went off to hear Daisy whining softly. As always, I refused to get up early, thereby encouraging her to become my constant furry alarm clock. Being food obsessed (as all Beagles are), she'd get me up earlier and earlier if she had her way. But, this morning, the whining was replaced by soft thumps coming at odd intervals. Sleepily I wondered what mischief Daisy was up to, trying to encourage me out of my bed. She's been known to grab small items (tissues from the trash and such) and shred them to get attention. When I got up and stumbled out into the hallway, I was puzzled (blearily so) to find the bathroom door closed. I knocked to see if someone was in there. There was no response. I gingerly turned the knob, ... and out bolted Daisy. Somehow, she'd managed to close herself in the bathroom in the night. Perhaps, her deep and abiding conviction that inanimate objects are out to get her is not entirely unjustified after all.

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