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Friday, September 9, 2011

Political Wisdom from C.S. Lewis' The Four Loves

On page 29, C.S. Lewis writes ... "Rulers must somehow nerve their subjects to defend [the nation] or at least to prepare for their defense. Where the sentiment of patriotism has been destroyed [by this he means a natural love of place people have that appreciates their way of life and all its unique little quirks] this can be done only by presenting every international conflict in a purely ethical light. If people will spend neither their sweat nor blood for "their country" they must be made to feel that they are spending them for justice, or civilization, or humanity. This is a step down, not up. ... nonsense draws evil after it. If our country's cause is the cause of God, wars must be wars of annihilation. A false transcendence is given to things which are very much of this world."

Can you think back to a time when your nation prepared for war using such dangerous tactics?

As we head into the next political election cycle (yuck), listen carefully to the rhetoric used, especially by those running for president. If you hear such dangerous nonsense from a candidate, vote for someone else ... for the sake of us all and especially for the sakes of the hard working young men and women of our military.

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