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Sunday, October 9, 2011

GoldenEye Reloaded - Stealth Gameplay Walkthrough Trailer

Never before have I been nostalgic for a video game I used to play. However, with Goldeneye Reloaded, I'm looking forward to this update of the old N64 video game. The graphics are far better, the strategic possibilities more varied, and the movement far more realistic. My son and I, then my daughter and I, played the N64 version and I am now looking forward to playing the new game. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed this game until I saw the new version coming out. This was a game that gave me insight into how different the thinking of someone who grew up with these games (my children) and I think about them. My son used to play the multiplayer mode by himself. This I found puzzling, even disturbing, at first. Then I realized he was slowly, sneakily learning every location in every area so that when we played together ... he could find ME in seconds.

I wonder what insights I'll gain when the new version comes out in November?

Of course, my son and I both had the same reaction to this video. It can be boiled down to one question, "What is this strategy of which you speak?"

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