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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Perfect Christmas Gift for 2011: Michael and the New Baby

Christmas is fast approaching once again. I'm going to simplify your gift giving conundrum parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles, friends and neighbors. Have you seen the price for new hard back books today? $35 for a New York Times Bestseller. Phew! Well, Michael and the New Baby is only $12.95 and is available through Old Line Publishing, Amazon, or Barnes and Nobles online service. That's a steal.

Here's what you get. An adventure story, cartoon illustrations, and very strong, positive, family messages you will be happy to read to your children over and over again. Children who are about to become (or have just become) big brothers or sisters have many concerns over this BIG change in their family life. You can help answer those concerns, those often unstated fears with this little book. Your children will discover that there will always be enough love to go around. They will find out for themselves that what they see on TV isn't always right (have you noticed that older brothers and sisters in kids' cartoons are often portrayed either as bullies or idiots--if you haven't I can assure you your kids have and it worries them). They'll learn the important truth that there is always more than one way to get home. They'll find that sharing beats stubborn hoarding every time and orneriness can have unseen and surprising consequences. Thrown in for fun are a pirate ship, far off island, volcano, castle, and much more to keep the story rolling.

Finally, readers, just between you and me ... there are SOME children's stories out there that portray one parent or the other as dim bulbs or evil. You won't find that here. There are SOME children's stories that bore you to tears in the first reading and leave you dreading each reading to follow. I've been there. I've felt your pain ... or ennui. I've written Michael and the New Baby in such a way as to include a little something for the adult reader as well to keep you smiling to the finish along with your child.

Convinced? I hope so. If so, just click on any of the illustrations from the book (yes that's what those are) off to the right hand side of the blog and you'll be taken to Old Line Publishing's secure web site where you can place an order now.

There, see? You're one gift closer to that blessed Silent Night, and you didn't even have to leave your computer.

You can order your copy directly from Old Line Publishing at:


Debra said...

J.S. Brooks, you've sold me!
This book sounds like a winner, and worth a parent's and of course a child's time.

Best wishes!

J.S. Brooks said...

Welcome aboard Debra. Thanks for the kind words!