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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Upgrading Technology ... It Ain't Just Plug 'n' Play

The main workhorse in the J.S. Brooks household, the ol' Compaq tower computer (at least 8 years old with as much RAM and video card upgrade as it would stand) finally gave up the ghost near the end of 2011. We brought in its replacement, a big HP tower with lots of capacity and speed to replace our fallen hero. (You may be asking yourself at this point, why a tower and not a laptop or a tablet? The answer is simple, and two fold, towers are cheap and towers are durable, both good reasons when an entire family will be using that computer as the family workhorse.)

Now, they tell you it's as easy as plug and play with new computer installation. They mean well when they say it. They're being friendly and all ... but it just ain't so. While the fortunes of football teams were decided in the background, I spent the evening getting acquainted with the new computer and setting it up with programs and preferences so it could do the necessary job. It's considerably later than I expected it to be when I finally finished.

I did get an answer to a question that has long dogged me. I have a Simple Tech external back up drive that I have been backing up all the files from the Compaq on for years. I've always wondered if it was actually getting the job done and if the files would truly be transferable when the time came. If transferable, would they appear in an organized fashion or would they need weeding out. I'm happy to report, all files downloaded completely, quickly, and in good order in all their little file folders from the old system to the new. It was reassuring to see all the old friends show up again. So here we are, a new year, a new computer, and the whole family will be moving forward with more computational power and speed ... once we learn where everything is all over again.

It's an adventure ... an adventure far beyond "plug and play."

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