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Monday, February 27, 2012

If Politicians Want to Play the Faith Card, There Are Two Questions You Should Ask Them

It is all the rage today to wrap yourself in your faith when running for political office. Many times, the statements of faith presented by these politicians are anything but thought out and insightful. In many cases, their declarations suggest they have never once opened the primary source material of their faith, but rather are mouthing the platitudes they have heard from some preacher, probably on TV, whose orientation matches that of the politicians constituents. So, don't let them get away with this. Ask them two serious questions and then vote accordingly if you feel you have gotten an honest response. I use that word honest guardedly.

The first question is, does God redeem (forgive) many people or few people? If the pol believes God forgives few, the pol will be very unlikely to be highly forgiving him- or herself. If the pol has that mindset, it is likely that individual will not work for social justice for all.

The second question is, what is the politicians stance on the end times? That will also have a direct impact on how the politician works with others. If his or her response is that God invites us all to help build the coming kingdom, it is likely that person will be generous with others, concerned about our stewardship of the planet, and a strident supporter of social justice. If the politicians view of this issue is apocalyptic and dire, so will be his or her outlook and actions toward others and toward the world. One does not work to save people or a place when one believes most people and the entire place will be destroyed, especially if the individual believes this will happen in the near future.

Ask these questions, weigh the responses, and vote accordingly. Ask yourself these pointed questions as well. See if you like the answers. If the pol won't answer these questions, it may be he or she has been playing at faith and doesn't know enough to answer well. Or it may be that individual has something dire to hide. Again, consider well and vote accordingly. Good luck to us all in the upcoming election cycle.

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