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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Goodbye Firefox: Problems Loading YouTube Videos Solved Permanently

Sometimes the solution to a problem is right under your nose and you just don't see it. I have a PC but I also have an iPod and therefore iTunes and the Safari search engine on the computer. I solved my issues with Firefox not loading YouTube videos decisively and finally. After clearing caches, deleting histories, and running up against a wall when recommendations started including programming (which I cannot do), I attempted to use Google Chrome, which is also on my computer. It proved glitchy and when I tried to update it, it balked at the prospect. Then my antivirus program piped up to tell me something was suspicious in the download.

By this point, I was furious.* Firefox had worked fine before the most recent update. I was happy with Firefox and had many pages I love to visit bookmarked and ready for use. Now it was a battle to get Facebook running right (accomplished) because the new version of Firefox added several programs and toolbars to my search engine that interfered with Facebook's operations. I didn't expect to have problems added with a program update.

Then it hit me. Safari was on my system. I turned it on and it was wonderful, working perfectly right out of the box and having beautiful features one expects from Apple. I quickly checked and YouTube ran perfectly. As an added bonus, Safari loads this blog much faster than Firefox did ... I don't know why. So, I've solved my problems with Firefox. I now use Safari.

Oh, by the way, Google Chrome will do a nice job for you as well.

* To clarify, I was furious with the inconvenience and the fact that a program that was functional and I trusted suddenly had gone belly up on me (and I don't have an old computer). On the other hand, that fury was tempered by the fact that Firefox is a free program and no doubt still works wonderfully for many. I understand, "Ya gets what ya pays for, bub!" Still, it was frustrating.

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