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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sloggin' Thru Blogging: Advertising by Blog ... Forget About It!

I recently received another statement about how Michael and the New Baby is faring in the market (printed by a small, independent publisher) and there is one thing I can state unequivocally. Unless you are willing to spend every moment of every day working on your blog and connecting it with others to make its presence known among millions (probably underestimating here) of other blog voices, you will not achieve success using a blog as an inexpensive advertising platform. Try something else. For me, a while back this blog morphed into a platform to indulge my diverse interests as a writer and give up on it as a sales platform. Spare yourself the time and aggravation!

Oh yeah, and on a related topic ... if you are looking for labels that get noticed, keep them simple, one word descriptors. Those are easier to find and more popular.

One more topic, all related: A friend of mine just created a short movie about one of her books with still pictures and text describing the book's virtues. There's another way to get the word out via YouTube, Facebook, your blog, etc. It looks good and you can find royalty free music to accompany it. It's worth exploring if you have the technology. Then of course you just have to get it where people will see it ... and that is at the heart of the matter!

And yet ...

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