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Friday, June 29, 2012

Sloggin' Thru Blogging: Do Me a Favor & Short Labels

There are many aspects of blogging that remain a mystery to me. One of those is the whole comments conundrum. Recently I had a bundle of potential comments crammed into the SPAM folder and I have to say Blogger is pretty good at weeding out real comments from SPAM. However, after deleting the ads written in cyrillic script and the penis enhancing ads, I ran across a comment that might actually have been a comment. It was anonymous, spoke of the post it was attached to, and asked me to link to anonymous's blog. This wasn't quite the ordinary ad that starts prattling on about the post and quickly deviates to a sales pitch nor was it a post filled with random words followed by a pitch. Yet, it was questionable enough that I deleted it. So here's the favor. For one who is ignorant about many things comment related, if you really want to reach me, be obvious and don't be anonymous. Let me know this is a real comment so I can post it and respond. If it's not obvious, it's in the trash. I don't want to trash any actual comments, so give me a hand here. Thanks, readers.

On the other topic: there are services out there that will give you lists of key words on a given subject that they feel will work best for finding people searching your posts. These key words have common thread, they are single, simple words. They are not phrases or catch phrases. So, keep it simple blogger! Also, you can accomplish much the same thing (without a list of other suggested terms showing up) but "Googling" a word for yourself and seeing how many hits it gets. The higher the hits, the better the word. It's simple, but it works, and sticks with the "keep it simple" maxim.

Happy blogging and commenting!

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