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Monday, June 18, 2012

TROY Mars Mission Concept Animation

If I remember correctly, Skylon is a British concept that may be in early testing phases (I'll have to "Google" that ... or you can). Here is their concept for getting crews to and from Mars. I like the multiple ship approach, setting up the base before people arrive and the ships waiting for them at either end. I also like the time frame in the not too distant future. And if you're thinking, we've got too many problems here to solve to invest in such things, go talk to someone else. Every dime spent on any space program is spent here on earth, employing workers and feeding their families. Spin off technologies are wonderful and of benefit to all. Plus, tremendous amounts are spent on expansive military projects and governmental projects that are far more costly than anything done in space research and with far less benefit to the knowledge and understanding of humanity.

Good luck on the Project Troy concept. This is a 2010 video. Who knows if anything is being done in these directions or whether this is just "blue sky" imaginings. Time will tell.

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