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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Adventures in Fitness 7: One Guy's Attempt to Knock the Rust Off: My Body is Messin' with ME!

The surprises just keep coming ... and from unexpected quarters. Now my body is messing with me!

I'm giving this body of mine the exercise it wants and now it gets particular. I've been using an old pair of walking shoes (GOOD walking shoes mind you ... Rockports) but suddenly, oh no, that's not good enough. I started getting aches and pains in my thighs, my lower back (a long-term nemesis of mine since I overstrained it at age 24 on an archaeology dig and it decided never to entirely forgive me), and most annoyingly my "glutes" ('nough said there). The lower back had me nervous as this can bring my efforts to a crashing halt if that part of my anatomy decides to take strong offense. So, being a 21st century kind of guy, I googled the situation. WebMD told me flat out, if you don't have decent exercise shoes, you're going to hurt in weird places.

Okay, so now I ran out ... actually walked kinda stiff-leggedly out (again those darn glutes) and bought a new pair of running shoes. Sure enough, today the offended portions got this contented glow during the elliptical workout. My body was apparently pleased to have won that round.

Since my whole body won that battle, a specific organ decided to get into the act as well. The whole workout routine was going fine until the middle of this last week. I got on the trusty elliptical machine, started cruising at my usual pace for a cardio workout, and was puzzled. The darned heart monitor didn't seem to be working right. The numbers were coming in low, especially considering what they used to read. I switched to another machine ... same result. Went to work out on one of the bikes, same results ... it was a computer conspiracy ... or so it seemed until I googled this as well.

My heart decided to become a cruel taskmaster. You see, as you exercise, you're heart starts growing in response, pumping more blood with less effort, and therefore beating slower. So now, instead of quickly reaching my target heart rate on the elliptical machine at the old cruising speed ... I've had to pick up the pace just to get to that rate and maintain it. I'm moving faster, sweating more, and covering more distance just to maintain the right rate.

So, that's it for this week. Body trickery starts entering the picture in the first few months. Who knows what part of me will get into the act next or what direction I'll have to go. This whole thing just continues to be a series of revelations for me.

I also met someone who was inspirational. A middle-aged woman who in the past two years lost 135 pounds after a health incident gave her a shot across the bow. She manages six days a week to my three. I'm impressed and inspired.

See you at the gym ... I'll be the one with the new shoes and startled expression.

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