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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Top Ten List: Most Fascinating Posts for July 2012 ... By Popular Vote

In ascending order, here are the posts from July 2012 that YOU the readers turned to the most. Starting with number 10 ...

10. Brunch at FIRECREEK in Downingtow (n, PA)
9. C.S. Lewis Explains Love Your Neighbor (as Yourself)
8. NASA Offers Commemorative Shuttle P (oster)
7. Billions and Billions of Planets ... & a S (paceship to 
    Get Us There)
6. Contest: Where Is It?
5. Goodbye Firefox: Problems Loading Yo (uTube)
4. Progress In Manned Space Flight (A personal favorite, recently updated 
    to reflect the SpaceX success)
3. Andy Griffith Football Story from 1953
2. Adventures in Fitness 4: One Guy's Atte (mpt to Knock the Rust Off: 
    You Have a New Toy)


1. Turning Off the 2009 Toyota Yaris Maint (enance Light): There are just so very 
many of you clever Yaris owners out there! This is also the most popular post
of all time!!!

As with the last post (which I mistakenly listed first as the month's top ten),
what does this tell me? You like restaurant reviews, but not as much as
theology and space exploration, you like contests (but don't participate
much...hmmm), want to know why I'm ditching Firefox, really enjoy
comedy ... which may say something about the popularity of my posts
about my adventures in exercise, but most of all, you drive Yaris (Yari?)
and want to know how to shut off that darned light! 

August 1, 2012: Another truth hit me from this list. Of the ten, only one is a video. 
The rest are posts written by me. It appears you all are more interested in 
original content than video entertainment. That's good to know!

Thanks for stopping by. Come back soon. Now, on to August! 

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