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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Top Ten List: Popular Posts of All Time ... You Decided!

What follows in ascending order are the top ten posts on J.S. Brooks Presents for all time (to date), the most stellar posts by popular vote (well, by actual visits but that doesn't sound nearly as exciting):

10 Funny Thing Happened in New York City
NASA EMBARGOES SCIENCE JOURN (al prior to a release of data about alien life)
Wood Art Today 2 Book Review
NASA's Updated Moon Buggy ... That  (won't)
Printmakers Today Book Review
Flying the Goodyear Blimp 1970s
Brunch at FIRECREEK in Downingtown, (PA, local restaurant review)
Progress In Manned Space Flight
NASA Offers Commemorative Shuttle Po (ster)
Turning Off the 2009 Toyota Yaris Mai (ntenance required light)

So, what does this tell me? You like funny things, NASA, reviews, 
AND many of you drive Toyota Yaris's ... 
or is that Yari in the plural? It also tells me I need to keep the titles short. 

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