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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Adventures in Fitness 9: One Guy's Attempt to Knock the Rust Off: Listening to the Body and More

Part of me wanted to consider this week an "epic fail" on the exercise front. After a full day's work and volunteer work with our church's Vacation Bible School in the evening, I was "dog tired" and my body was crying for sleep, not a trip to the gym. That combined with the stress and lack of sleep over a difficult situation that is promising to get more difficult before it gets better, by Friday night I was calling it a day by 9:30 PM, even though we had no VBS that night. Again no gym.

This morning I returned to the routine and was greatly surprised. My body sang when the routine began and throughout what became a marathon two hour session (okay wise guy, we'll see what you call it when YOU'RE 52, have just come off 6 1/2 years of even and weekend courses for YOUR M.Div. degree, and ... sorry, getting a little defensive there) in which I ran faster on the elliptical and arc trainer (what I've been apparently mistakenly calling a stair stepper until now ... thanks Google) than ever before and lifted weights with greater ease. It seems the week away gave my body a chance to recover and the muscles a chance to knit up bigger and better than before. So what I had thought of as an "epic fail" became a win. Moral of that story, listen to your body and take the breaks your body tells you it needs. Don't use this as an excuse to drop your exercise routine but don't abuse yourself in pursuit of an arbitrary schedule. If you persist in doing so, your body may just find a way to sideline you for a month or more to get even. I know; I've been there.

The little revelations just keep coming (well, they're revelations to me buddy). I wonder what I'll discover next.

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