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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Curiosity Raises Mast, Snaps 360 Degree Color Shot

Photo Courtesy of NASA
Curiosity, the Mini Cooper-sized new rover on Mars, has checked another milestone or two off its list of accomplishments. It has now raised its mast and taken numerous thumbnail images with the cameras on board that higher perch. A mosaic of many photos was used to create a 360 degree color portrait of Gale crater from Curiosity's point of view. You see a portion of that impressive mosaic here, including one of the rover's large tires.

Progress continues to be made and Curiosity should be on the move in a few weeks if all continues to go well. Right no there is no reason to think it shouldn't. Congrats to the NASA team.

Full 360 degree color view from Curiosity's Mast Camera. Photo Courtesy of NASA

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