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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Laughter as Defense

Balance power with laughter!
I quote from Robert Darden's wonderful book Jesus Laughed: The Redemptive Power of Humor (which I recommend to everyone):

Laughter is hope's last weapon.
Crowded on all sides with idiocy and ugliness, pushed to concede that the final apocalypse seems to be upon us, we seem nonetheless to nourish laughter as our only remaining defense. Or perhaps better stated, our laughter is our way of crossing ourselves. It shows that despite the disappearance of any empirical basis for hope, we have not stopped hoping.
Wonderful words for trying times. Everywhere you look, you find screamers telling you of doom and destruction (it is a political year after all AND the end of the Mayan calendar AAAHHHH!!). Death to all who don't believe like me. Doom for all who don't follow MY party, MY slogan, MY campaign rhetoric. Laugh at them all. Spread joy in the midst of chaos. Angry elements don't like laughter, not one little bit. They can't be taken so seriously if they are being laughed at. It was the court jester alone who could tell the king his plans sucked and get away with it (if he was both witty and clever). Do you know why clowns use white face with bright colors over them? Yes? Excellent, you are a well informed person. Now sit down and be quiet so I can look smart to the rest of the readers here (Jesus' whiskers!) For those who don't: the white represents death. The bright colors around the eyes, nose, and mouth represent laughter. The clown laughs in the face of death. So should we all.

In an episode of Star Trek (the original series or TOS for trekkers), the crew of the Enterprise and a Klingon battle cruiser were forced to battle for the enjoyment and feeding of a strange alien entity. Their escape came through laughter. They laughed that evil one right off the ship and out of their lives. Gene Roddenberry knew what he was talking about there. So do Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert and all the other satirists.

So, laugh today, laugh tomorrow, and keep right on laughing. The power to be hopeful is in your hands!

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