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Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Question for Leaders is Why?

I was listening to a TED talk by Simon Sinek entitled "How Great Leaders Inspire Action." As I'm headed for ministry, I wanted to see what he said had to be done. The talk was intriguing and challenging. He stated that an organization can be divided into three spheres, the outermost equaling What is done, the second circle in is How it is done, and the innermost, crucial circle is Why it is done. Every visionary leader has been able to answer succinctly Why he or she does what she or he does. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was an example. Dr. King's "Why" was, "There is God's law and there is human law. Until God's law replaces human law, there will be no peace." It is short, sweet, and powerful.

This is a challenge I found worth taking. I am working it out. The basics for it I am pleased to say were present in me all along. However, as any writer knows, it's how you say it that is more than half the battle. Saying it well means you have refined it well in your mind as did Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. What follows is a very rough draft with the basic "Why" statement followed by its explanation in multiple parts. Is this the sort of vision you'd follow? Does this inspire action in you? I'd like to know.

Why do I pursue ministry? Why do I believe? Why am I willing to serve?

I believe in the wonderful community God has planned for humanity. God invites us all to help build that community, and the peace, joy, and justice for all that accompany it.

I believe the living, loving God offers us the opportunity to help build God’s community* here on earth. I believe in showing others they have that opportunity.

I believe our personal God, the Creator of all, came to earth in Jesus to show us how best to create and live in that divine community.

I believe Jesus left us God’s Holy Spirit, the Spirit that empowered Jesus, as our personal guides and provider of courage, that we might fearlessly proclaim and help to build God’s community.

I believe that Jesus, in coming and obeying God by doing all he did and saying all he said, threw open the door we had erected between ourselves and our loving God in our misplaced desire to "do it all by ourselves." Out of love for us all, Jesus  took that opened door off its hinges and shredded it so that it could never be closed by us again. God will never be shut out that way again. God did all this for love of us.

I believe this loving God not only has a plan for the divine community of peace and joy for all humanity, but also has a plan for each of our lives, a plan that, while challenging and even frightening at times, leads to joy through service to others. I believe this is what we are made for and what we most fervently desire, even when we are not aware of it.

This I believe. This I want to share. The joy this brings me I want to kindle in others. I want us to journey together as members of God’s wonderful community, gathering others along the way as they are attracted to the joy we share. This is what gets me up in the morning. This is why I serve God and others. 

* This community has been referred to in the past as the in-breaking Kingdom of God. Today, I believe "community" is a term more easily grasped. Others have chose "ecology of God" to be more all encompassing. I find "community" more direct.

To hear the original TED talk, go to:

I encourage you to take the challenge yourself. It is quite the exercise.

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