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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Flash Drive More Durable Than I Imagined!

Flash drive in the wash?!
Do you remember the old Timex ads in which watches were subjected to all sorts of tortuous tests you were sure would destroy them? Those Timex watches always came through and the ad would end with the motto, "Timex: takes a licking and keeps on ticking!" Well, my PNY 8GB flash drive has pulled off a Timex stunt. I accidentally left the handy little device in a pair of pants that went through both the washer and the dryer. My wife returned it to me steaming hot when she discovered it. I figured the little guy was history.

Still, I was curious. I inserted the device that looked no worse for wear (once it was cool again) into the USB port and much to my surprise, it worked. It opened, retrieved its now squeaky clean data, and accepted new information copied into it and returned it to the computer in fine form. This was a tremendous surprise. I guess devices without moving parts can be as durable as those old Timex watches. This flash drive took a washing and keeps on ... sorry I can't think of the appropriate rhyming word at 7:17 in the morning.

Do you have any surprising feats of technological durability to share?

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