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Monday, October 15, 2012

Comic Con 2012 NYC: Horizon Expanding ...

Caped and cape-less crusaders descended on Gotham ... well, New York City ... last week for the 2012 Comic Con held at the Javits Center. I was sent there on business. It was my first time at such an event and it was an eye-opener. The experience certainly expanded my horizons, introducing me to worlds and realms I never knew existed! Here's the tale in photos.
 Thursday was the day for vendors and other VIPs to casually browse the offerings. Among the vendors was Craftsman. This seemed mysterious to me until I saw the Steam Punk fans on Friday and realized power tools could be essential for "Cosplay." It was deceptive as you could come to think the wide open aisles would remain that way. 

All sorts of vendors were there. The big comic book publishers, artists, smaller publishers of comics and books, and of course game companies. Here you could pre-order and catch scenes from the much anticipated new Assassins Creed offering.

Legos provided many sets to experiment with and large, completed set pieces like Gandalf and Bilbo Baggins here to get your creative juices flowing. This fan of the Hulk shows the scale of these Lego creations. Please, don't smash!

Friday, the general public got their passes and arrived in great numbers. I knew it would be an interesting day when Batman made an appearance in the hotel lobby. He keeps his cell phone in one of the functional pockets of this utility belt. Then Batman's associates showed up: an Assassin from the aforementioned Assassins Creed, the Joker, and Bane ... the original Bane he made a point of telling me. Batman was very much in character. When I thanked him for allowing me to photograph his heroic self, his response was, "You're welcome, citizen." I liked that! As Friday continued, I discovered that this was one happy, friendly crowd of people and I was glad to be among them. There was a definite vibe in the place, and it was all positive. 

On the way to the Javits Center on Friday, heroes and villains were much in evidence on the streets of New York. 

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, and his posse of the undead met me in the lobby. 

Dr. Who fans had plenty to be excited about ... including a Tardis costume (does it have more room on the inside than the outside) and this menacing Dalek (did I spell that right?)! Beware of the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man in the background as well!!

Professionals were there promoting their products and games, such as the main character from the new Assassins Creed game ... whose name I can't remember and couldn't spell even if I did. 

But some of the fan costumes were equally elaborate. Thanks for posing Master Chief!

I caught Link just before the end of my time there. Two days was definitely not enough to see it all, but it did give me a good sense of the place. You should know that the largest number of fans in costumes were portraying characters from anime, with many from the show Bleach. I, however, was unfamiliar with them all and stuck with photos of characters I could recognize. If you are a fan of comics and video games, Steam Punk, and geekdom in all its forms, this is the place for you. Everyone was having a good time and the staff and vendors were doing all they could to keep the mood upbeat. It'll cost you some serious change to get in the place ... and to park in NYC if you drove ... but you'll most likely consider it money well spent. 

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