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Friday, October 26, 2012

Station View of Hurricane Sandy -- Pass 1

 Hurricane Sandy is headed our way in southeastern Pennsylvania. Our hometown site has some practical advice and some level headed predictions. They state we should expect between Monday and Wednesday to receive 5+ inches of rain, possibly 2+ days of power failures, and 70 mile an hour winds. Will it happen? Who knows for sure. But here she is from the ISS headed our way.

The weather channel says if it converges with that cold air mass coming south from the great white north we could be in for an unpleasant "hybrid" storm that could be the worst of a very long time. The advice is put away any outside objects that could become projectiles, remove window screens for the same reason, get your necessities for a couple of days without power, and prepare for some weather enforced family time.

At the local grocery, while talking to the pharmacist and a worker in the bakery, I found out that the bottled water was already gone ... but they had a special order coming in tomorrow. So, it'll be a busy day at the stores as bread, toilet paper, and water fly off the shelves. Batten down the hatches and hope they're wrong. I have to say, though, it was unsettling to hear a Weather Channel forecaster say that the track of this hurricane and the possible convergence of several unsettling air masses into a "Frankenstorm" (just in time for Halloween) was something that had not been seen before.

This reminds me of the warning scientists have been providing for years concerning global warming. They state that weather events will all be more severe as the planetary temperatures rise. As for deniers, many places around the world shake their heads in disbelief as the deniers in the US rail on against this human-made threat. Why are they so certain it really exists? Simple, they're suffering from the consequences already. Our turn is coming soon enough, I imagine.

So, here's hoping everyone in this storm's path will stay safe and come through this unscathed. May the storm tracks change and those various weather systems miss each other. If not, hold onto your hats.

If the power stays on, I'll keep you informed on what happens around here when the storm hits ... or doesn't. Stay safe, folks.

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