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Friday, October 19, 2012

Voter Defiance in Southeastern Pennsylvania

It was inspirational to see the turn out in southeastern Pennsylvania at the end of September at the Department of Motor Vehicles. The back half of the room was packed with individuals of many ages and races waiting (patiently or not) to get their official, state approved photo ID so they could vote. The front half of the room was filled with determined drivers renewing their driver's licenses (mine would have expired on November 6 and I was making sure it would be renewed well before that important day). Both groups expressed a determination NOT to be turned away from the voting booth on November 6th. Of course, Pennsylvanians had an unusual gauntlet dropped before them by Republican State Representative Mike Turzai, who had stated in a surprising fit of raw honesty how Pennsylvania's voter ID law (supported by many Republican and few if any Democratic politicians) would "will allow Romney to win presidential election" in our state. 

This was prior to the court judgment that the law could not be enacted in time for this election in November. Still, I for one hope the turnout at Pennsylvania's DMV's will continue to surge ahead in preparation for round two on this issue after the elections. The future of the law is in doubt, but the determination of Pennsylvanians to never be turned away from the ballot boxes around the state is alive and kicking. It looks like Pennsylvanians will defy the apparent intent of this law to turn away many of the state's poorer and older citizens, groups the lawmakers in Harrisburg seem to think are all on the Democratic side of the ticket. 

Oh yes, one more thing. This Pennsylvania ruling apparently came down too late for several large organizations to change their mailings to customers. If you receive mail stating you must have photo ID to vote in this election in the state of Pennsylvania, do not be deterred. It's not true. Go vote, whichever side you choose to vote for, just make sure you get out and VOTE. 

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