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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Method to Restore Unity and Calm

Go ahead and admit it. The political season has left you on edge, wired, aggravated, agitated, infuriated, and downright cranky. We've all been bombarded with political ads featuring gloom and doom prognostications the likes of which Nostradamus would have been jealous. We've been misled, lied to, and spun, spun, spun until we are sick.

So, I have a modest proposal to purge your system and restore your calm, and even create a little unity in a divided nation. Can we all agree we are irritated with seeing politicians we pay for do nothing but spout their party's ideology? Don't we all feel we should be getting more work for the dollar from these folks? Okay, so let's unite on one issue. Let's all promise to take all this pent up energy and irritation and harness it. Let's promise to work together to make sure these guys and gals on the national and state level actually work FOR US. Let's keep their feet to the fire ... starting with the big fiscal cliff we face on January 1. Let's agree to send blizzards of emails, letters, and calls to our representatives shouting them down if they have the temerity to utter the word MANDATE and balk at taking action because they think they have one. Gerrymandering to keep your seat doesn't give you a mandate sir or madam.

I theorize that if we take this action together we might just start feeling better real soon. So, what do you say? Care to try out my modest proposal? Could be fun.

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