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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sloggin' Thru Blogging: When the Connection Fails ...

The past two weeks, J.S. Brooks Presents was hurled back into the 20th century in a time before fast Internet access. Our modem (provided by our cable company) was dying slowly. At first everything just bogged down. Loading and viewing were taking longer than usual. At first we blamed the computer (poor, innocent computer). Then we went away for Thanksgiving. Upon our return it became evident it was the modem as its normal array of flashing lights was reduced to a single mournful light slowly flashing. In the mornings it would rally briefly and we'd have the equivalent of dial up access (remember that?) for a brief period, enough to send an email or two, but not enough to view or listen to anything of significance. Needless  to say, blogging was out of the question.

Today, the cable crew came, replaced the modem (they told us that when you are down to one light on the modem it is well and truly dead and that if it's two lights instead of one, it's the cable connection instead). Then they looked outside the J.S. Brooks abode and discovered the wire was old and kinked and feeble. They replaced that as well.

Now we have rapid access once again and J.S. Brooks Presents has been brought right up to 21st century standards once again. It is amazing what all requires Internet access these days and how disconnected one can be without it. My brother called tonight wondering if the zombie apocalypse had struck us as I had not posted anything on Facebook or here lately and he could not reach us by phone yesterday. Limited access can be terrifying for you ... and for others. Also, did you know that high school homework is now given out online rather than in paper form. We know that now as well.

So, if your connection begins to slow down, check the cable box, check the modem, call for help ... or you too will be cast back into the 20th Century Zone!!!

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