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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Star Wars & Life on Mars???

Some news snippets have caught my eye in the past few weeks. We all know that Disney bought Star Wars, the Mouse is the true power in the Force. We all know that there will be 3 new films VII-IX. And we all know that it will pick up the story of Luke and Leia in their world and will follow the style and form of the original three movies and ... not ... those ... other films (see the difference between someone in their twenties and fifties writing adventure/sci-fi ... twenties: rebels and Empire locked in battle, fifties: trade blockade and political repercussions. Let that be a lesson to all you 50+ year old writers. What you may or may not know is that there are future plans for additions to the Disney parks that will include Star Wars creations ... however, there will not be an entirely new park. It will probably take the Universal approach with a major section of a park devoted to Star Wars similar to the Harry Potter offering currently available. However, that is for the future. Right now Disney has promised investors that they will curb their buying and building for a time, having updated their parks, added two new ships to their cruise fleet, and purchased that galaxy far, far away.

In science news, we have learned that when an excited engineer at NASA, John Grotzinger, states that a discovery made by Curiosity is one for the history books, that doesn't necessarily mean it's really big news from the point of view of us average folks. It is probably big, earthshaking engineering news, but maybe not so big for the rest of us. Of course this could also be NASA playing coy as some suspect until they can test the findings again. If my computer wasn't currently disabled by a damaged modem (fix it soon repair guy) I'd give you specifics ... but now I can't. A researcher now professor who once worked with NASA's Viking probe, Gilbert Levin, has long held that the two tests that found evidence for life on Mars were right and the third wasn't refined enough to detect the faint traces necessary to confirm. He believes Curiosity has now confirmed the Viking original findings from the 1970s. So, speculation runs rampant. It reminds me of the uproar over the arsenic aliens living right here on planet earth that turned out later not to be so alien after all. NASA doesn't want to repeat. Still, we should know more around December 7-8 during a big science meeting when the data will all be revealed. Will we all be bowled over by the news ... or will only engineering types be ecstatic? Only time will tell.

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There's an ongoing theme here: Wait for it. Good things come to those who wait. In the meantime you can distract yourself with seasonal shopping binges. For me, I've got Christmas shopping to attend to. Those of you who are finished ... I don't want to hear about it!!!

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