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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bosc Pears and Wensleydale Cheese ... the Finer Things

Comedian Eddie Izzard is right about your average pear. It comes home green, waits around seemingly forever without ripening, and then comes gloriously ripe for ten short minutes when you've stepped out of the room, only to be a rotten pile of mush upon your return. The Bosc pear is different. It isn't the classic pear shape. It's longer and lumpier. It hasn't the classic pear skin. It's tougher and rougher and brown. It also doesn't have the classic pear tendency to go from green to overripe at warp speed. I've actually been able to eat one a day for a week ... all five purchased on the same day. They're sweet, juicy, a little crunchy, and a little firmer. Basically, they ain't beautiful but they have great personalities.

The perfect match for these rugged pears is Wensleydale cheese. Yes the cheese made famous by Wallace and Grommit. It's British, soft, crumbly, sweet with a light honey taste, and with cranberries embedded in it like little jewels, it is marvelous. It also goes very well with fruit ... especially PEARS. Imagine that. However, the Wensleydale cheese I purchased came in a small package with the warning that it must be eaten in seven days once opened. My wife and I found this no hardship at all.

So, if you want a little taste of luxury ... and want to be able to repeat it over say seven days, grab some Bosc and Wensleydale and have at it.

A word of caution: Boscs are easy to come by. The Wensleydale took some searching out. We found it in a small package at the local Acme supermarket. Rumor has it Sam's Club has it as well (probably in larger packages). It's worth the hunt.

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