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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Called to Community ... All of Us

There are times when we are cranky and obstreperous, stubborn as old mules, and declare "I want to be alone!" We swallow the myth of the self made man and try to pull up our bootstraps all by ourselves, forgetting all the while that we did not make the boots. M. Scott Peck put it well in his book The Different Drum when he states:

We are called to power. In this individuation process we must learn how to take responsibility for ourselves. We need to develop a sense of autonomy and self-determination. ... Furthermore, we are called to wholeness. We should use what gifts or talents we are given to develop ourselves as fully as possible. ... But all this is only one side of the story. It is true that we are called to wholeness. But the reality is that we can never be completely whole in and of ourselves. We cannot be all things to ourselves and to others. ... It is true that we are created to be individually unique. Yet the reality is that we are inevitably social creatures who desperately need each other not merely for sustenance, not merely for company, but for any meaning in our lives whatsoever. These, then, are the paradoxical seeds from which community can grow. 
Recognize this important fact and go out there to find your wholeness among others in your community. In doing so you'll fulfill yourself and help create the very thing you need to be whole. You are no rock. You are no island. Myths be darned. Join the party and be whole.

Yeah, it's true. It's easy for me to say. I'm a pure extrovert. But even you introverts need a small community sometimes to be whole. A little, carefully picked community that understands you and allows you to go off to read and plan alone as you need to but welcomes you back when you are ready.

And when you're out there, be kind and gentle to others. Put up with their foibles and eccentricities. Those facets help make them interesting and lively, creating an unexpected and never dull community. To help you do so, always keep in mind that others are doing the same with you.

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