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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Is Your Town on Facebook?

I recently discovered that our small town has its own Facebook page. This took me by surprise. I guess it's official, just about everyone is now on FB!

If you find your town, city, suburb, etc. on FB, friend it. There are some very useful reasons to do so. Our town announced when and where a candlelight vigil would be held following the Sandy Hook massacre. A couple of days before the new year, the town announced both trash and recycling would be picked up on Wednesday (rather than trash on Tuesday [New Year's day] and the recycling on Thursday. If I hadn't friended the town, I would have been ignorant of this fact and both trash and recycling would have gone uncollected this week.

Who knows what the town will post next. Whatever it is, I'll see it. Go ahead, search for your town on FB and friend it. You might just improve your little corner of the world.

Happy New Year.

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