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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

President Obama Introduces a Plan to Reduce Gun Violence

 I don't often venture into politics here as the topics are often ephemeral and of little lasting value. However, this issue of protecting our children, ourselves, and each other from gun violence is an issue that is compelling and long lasting. Here is what President Barack Obama proposes to do to protect our people ... all of us.

Now, for those who would say that this is the beginning of the erosion of the Second Amendment, I say nonsense, poppycock, hogwash, and humbug to you. There are many limitations that have been imposed that have been a proven good for society. They include: in the 1950s the FAA refused to allow citizens to obtain flying cars for private use. People still drive cars and fly private planes today. They simply cannot use a potentially dangerous hybrid. The same tired arguments the NRA trots out today were used against seatbelt laws, children's car seats, motorcycle helmets ... and the list goes on. Lives were saved by the implementation of each of these laws ... and the freedom to drive was not impinged upon. Only the right to be foolish was limited. I can live with that.

If you would like to find your Congress person and let them know how you feel about this situation, you may check this address to find out who you should write:

If you would like to know what the President accomplished via Executive Order in regards to firearm control, check out this article by Sandi Villarreal: It makes for interesting reading. 

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