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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rep. Gabby Giffords' Exclusive Interview with Diane Sawyer

 Prominent gun owners taking strong and positive steps to correct an issue that is truly one of the real burning issues of our time in the United States. This is quite a balm for riled emotions after the horrible events that have occurred in so many locations in the US in the past two years and the outrageous, provocative bluster and blow from Alex Jones, radio blowhard, on Piers Morgan's show, which I will not dignify by including even a single syllable here.

People of good conscience need to come together now from all sides of this issue and help resolve this problem in America before we spiral further out of control. Push your Congress people and Senators for action. Push the President for results. Do not be satisfied with the bland statement, "I support the Second Amendment," which accomplishes nothing. Do not be confused by the oft used defense, "Guns don't kill, people do." Guns are tools. Guns empower. Guns allow people to take irrevocable actions that they would find much more difficult or impossible were not guns in their hands.

I'm not advocating for a total disarming of America, not by a long shot. Hunters keep hunting. Home security, if you feel you need one for that, fine. However, there is no reason for the private citizenry to carry military weapons or near military grade weaponry. If we allow this, we must reinitiate the entire Second Amendment and start state militias under the control of the state governors and answerable to the Federal government. I wonder if Alex Jones would be eager to join a local unit?

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