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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Taking Care of Those Feet with the Right Walking Shoes

In a recent quest, I was out for new walking shoes. I've preferred a particular brand for many years, a brand not to be named here as it wouldn't be fair to them necessarily, but that this year could not provide me with a nice black leather covered walking shoe that would work in the office. What they offered no longer felt right on my feet. I was ... disappointed. A trusted brand had to be left behind and hunting had to begin, hunting for the elusive new walking shoe. The wrong shoe will leave you with agony, the right shoe, bliss. I've had experience with both and wanted to avoid the former.

Being the twenty-first century, I Googled the problem and found a site of particular interest: Here they provide you with a great deal of information about feet, let you test your feet, and recommend a range of walking shoes that are probably wonderful. However, in my area, armed with this list, when I ventured forth I found none of those shoes available in any of the stores I visited. Rather than quest further, I threw up my hands and went into a local Footlocker and asked them what they'd recommend. They pointed me in the direction of Nike. I ended up with a more sports apparel style of footwear than I'd felt entirely comfortable wearing at the office, but they were a subdued gray and on sale ... so I jumped. I ended up with a very light weight and comfortable Lunarglide 3, which the salesman tactfully noted that lots of guys like me (aging) prefer for the support. He also informed me that as we age our feet change and it may not have been any failure of the unmentioned former faithful footwear company that I had to change brands. I'd like to think so. I miss their shoes but my feet are very happy in the new model.

This made me curious. A year ago, when I began my quest for exercising health via a gym, I picked up a pair of running shoes as my old walking shoes weren't cutting it. After making this purchase, I checked and sure enough, the running shoes are the Nike Air model. It looks like my feet have made their choice and in this case, where they lead, I follow.

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