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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Take Care of Our Cities

I'm going to haul out an old idea, not astronomically old, not even P.T. Barnum old, but old by today's nanosecond standards. We need to take care of our cities and their peoples for a great many reasons. However, if one needs to feel the need to protect one's own self interests to act ... consider diffusion. In diffusion, ideas, technologies, culture, etc. moves from one area to another, spreading over space and time. Diffusion begins in large population hubs (cities) and spreads outward. The idea of the dining room for example began in cities and eventually moved out into the rural landscape over many years.

The good and the bad diffuses. At this point in time our cities are hotbeds of all sorts of developments, including violence. Many will say they don't need to worry about the violence perpetrated in cities as they live far from those places and will never, ever go there. Well, the violence you see on the news in the cities today will be the violence in the streets of your little town or rural community in the future. In one city, when 2,000 troops died in Afghanistan, 5,000 were murdered in the same period in that single city. And the violent folks are getting ever more creative in their forms of violence and their weapons of choice.

I won't continue. I could really preach here. However, instead, consider working hard to take care of the city nearest to you. Work for its welfare, for its people and their well being. Build up what is good, what is best in humanity there in the cities, and let that diffuse out into the rest of the nation so that you too can reap a wonderful harvest, rather than a bloody one. Don't end up like old Aunt Pittypat in Gone With the Wind, who lamented in confusion, "Yankees in Georgia. However, did they get here?"

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