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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Warm Bodies: A Film with Heart, Romance, and Zombies: Warm Bodies - Trailer #1

Since we're living in a world currently zombie obsessed (vampires are so last year), how long could it be before the zombie genre took on Shakespeare. Based on a young adult novel, Warm Bodies provides an undead twist to the Romeo and Juliet tale, with the warring families including skeletal zombies on one side and John Malkovich as General Grigio and his living army determined to stay that way on the other. In between them are the general's daughter Julie (Teresa Palmer) and one determined, smitten young zombie named "R" (Nicholas Hoult) on the other ... he is slowly losing his own memories and isn't quite sure, but believes his first name started with R when he was alive. 

The movie is fine for those 14 and up. Under that, not so much. There is some language, some making out, and the obligatory brain eating ... hey, a zombies gotta eat, right?

Several things make this movie engaging: the comedy (Shaun of the Dead style), the characters ... each main character has a buddy who keeps things lively (so to speak), and a clever spin on why zombies eat brains. What makes the movie compelling are some of the slightly behind the scenes messages that are well worth discussing with teens and each other: a simple human gesture brings change to suffering zombie and human cultures alike, those who choose to cling to one set of beliefs stubbornly and refuse to change strip themselves of their humanity and any hope to maintain a certain perspective, and cultural norms are confronted and refuted in the name of love. 

Go ahead and see it ... it might stir your heart.

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