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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Could Lack of Sleep Lead to Our Extinction???

This morning I saw a "HuffPost" snippet on "FB" about some of the worst effects of lack of sleep on the average working stiff. I looked at those impacts, asked myself "Really?" as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, and went to WebMD to check it out. Sure 'nuf, (not that I really doubted you HuffPost reporter ... but still, that name, on Facebook ... I needed outside confirmation, sorry ... and I'm sleepy), it's true. So, here's the top ten list of negative impacts from not getting enough sleep:

  • Accidents: without sleep, we screw up ... think Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Exxon Valdez level screw ups
  • Dumbs you down: think reality TV
  • Serious health problems: heart disease, heart attack, heart failure (I think I see a trend here), irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes (getting nervous now)
  • No sleep, no sex: kills sex drive in men and women alike (no more late night shows for you!)
  • Depression: less than six hours sleep a night and it's high anxiety and emotional lows for us
  • Ages your skin: "lackluster" skin, fine lines, deep dark evil Emperor from Star Wars circles under eyes
  • Forgetful: it's going to be awful finding those keys in the morning without sleep
  • Weight gain: More sleepy,  more eaty ... snooze to lose as WebMD put it
  • Impairs judgment: especially about sleep, you think you've adapted to less sleep ... you poor brain addled sleepy fool
  • Increased risk of death: almost goes without saying given the other nine, wouldn't you say?
So, why the extinction thing. Think about it. Our leaders all around the world are running on Starbucks and adrenaline to keep going. They sleep little, keep crazy hours working and fund raising, and may well be convinced they're doing fine. These folks have their oftentimes pudgy fingers (no sleep, gain weight, remember) on the nuclear arsenal, all those drones with Hellfire missiles, the arsenals of nations, and the soldiers, sailors, pilots, and Marines to use them. They have been dumbed down, are frustrated from little sex (now this is all hypothetical based on the above so don't get angry with me specific leader), are forgetting probably some pretty important stuff like how to play well with others, and their judgment has gone down the toilet ... and lets them think they're fine at the same time. Worse, we are also sleep deprived so we go along with what they say and propose ... including wars. So, if we want to save our species, fire up the dvr for all those late night TV shows and hit the sack. All of our lives may depend on it.

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