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Friday, March 29, 2013

Secret to Freeing Garmin's Suction Mount

What to do when your Garmin suction cup mount won't yield and release its grip
Increasingly, today's technology is intuitive. This means manufacturers have realized we aren't going to read instruction manuals ... it just isn't happening ... and they have given up. Instead they've been clever and made their devices self-teaching. Kids are familiar with this as every video game in the world now follows this method, some with tutorial games but the better games incorporating the tutorial into early game play.

For things other than video games, manufacturers have made the devices simple to use, easy to understand, and interesting enough to keep most of us playing around until we figure things out. Most of the time. Sometimes, without instruction, we're left feeling silly when the technology rebels against our every effort.

Such is the Garmin suction cup holder, that firmly holds your amazing little navigation system (the first machine I've owned that I didn't mind having talk to me) to your windshield. You flip down that little lever, the device is attached to your windshield, you attach your Garmin, and away you go on your next satellite guided adventure. All is well ... until you go to remove that sucker (literally) from your windshield.

Has it happened to you? You flip up the lever that you flipped down to seal the mount to the windshield, it raises up ... and refuses to let go of the glass. This most often happens when someone else is in the car with you. You have gone from suave techno-guy or gal to the goof ball fighting with a suction cup. That suction cup mount is now sliding up and down the glass, dropping the Garmin itself loose, and yet refusing to yield without an embarrassing fight.

Never let it be said that here at J.S. Brooks Presents that we don't want to help you in this life, dear reader. We discovered, quite by accident, that there is a secret to getting that suction cup to let go without a battle royale. Look at the second photo. See the little tongue behind the switch, the little tongue actually attached TO the suction cut itself.

Here it is, the secret move that ends the embarrassing, potentially damaging wrestling match:

  • Lift that little tongue on the suction cup.
  • The suction mount drops instantly into your hand. 
That's it. It's as simple as that. 

Being male, I assumed I'd simply not read that bit in the instructions that came with the Garmin ... we rarely do, as stated above. So, I checked ... and NO that little bit of information is not present. 

Now you have the inside scoop. Your next suction mount release will suck a whole lot less. Happy adventuring.

For a story about my wanderings using the Garmin itself and my thoughts on its abilities, see:

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