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Friday, March 15, 2013

Well Played, Doctor's Office ... Well Played!

The other day I had a little blood work done ... nothing serious involved, just a little check ... or so I thought!

Before we go further, let me explain. I'm a writer. I have a writer's imagination. If you are a writer or know one, you understand. If not, read on, you'll see.

The doctor's office calls the home number while everyone is out. The message left is simple ... and ambiguous. I received it in the evening after office hours ... "Please call the doctor's office about your test results" and the phone number. That was it. Nothing more, nothing less. Very succinct and to the point. Also, so filled with ambiguity that the writer's imagination can begin working on it. That imagination drifted toward the dark side, as it is prone to do from time to time. An unsettled evening followed (I'm grateful not to be a hypochondriac).

The next morning I call the office ... early! The person answering the phone is polite, takes my information, and then asks for a number where I can be reached. She says a nurse will get back to me shortly. This also gets the attention of the writer's imagination ... dark news coming it whispers.

The nurse calls. Slight elevations, a small change, everything is fine. Life moves on.

There was just enough left unsaid in that scenario to guarantee a return phone call. I admire that brevity, that hook ...

Well played, doctor's office!

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