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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Adventures in Fitness 14: One Guy's Attempt to Knock the Rust Off: What the Elliptical Can Do AND Strange Feeling of Bliss

If you've been here before, you know my favorite machine is the elliptical. Here's why:

  • It's a very user friendly device, keeping your feet in contact with pedals so there is no pounding, making things easier on your legs and hips as well (more of a plus for people past their 20s and 30s ... you guys go pound the treadmill)
  • Provides useful stress for the cardiovascular system, making the heart stronger ... which if you use the cardio workout also makes you work harder as time goes by and the stronger heart muscle is less impressed with your initial efforts (move faster). 
  • With the moving handles for your arms, the ability to pedal forwards and back (at the gym), you can workout both lower and upper extremities and lose weight (what's not to like).
  • Develops strength and endurance (I can keep up with our enthusiastic beagle when she bolts out the door for a walk, a plus).
  • Builds minerals in bones.
  • REDUCES STRESS, improves mood, raises immune system, and fights obesity and all the ills that can come with it.*
I now have a new reason for loving the elliptical. Last night I returned to the gym (second trip in a short period ... I've been a way for a bit with transitional season disorder ... i.e. stuffy nose, cough, etc. related to transitioning to spring), began my workout, got past the initial body whining about it being hard (you get used to that and stop listening ... crucial to NOT look at the clock during this early phase to avoid encouraging the whining), and suddenly, for the first time, I got the astounding feeling that everything from the waist down was a perfectly functioning machine. All the muscles were moving with a silky smoothness I had not felt before. My upper body felt as if it were floating atop this new machine. Fantastic! The feeling repeated itself on the back extension machine right before leaving for the night. I'm trying to find out what caused this (seems different from what I'd experienced as runner's high). I'm hoping to repeat it soon. 

Good luck with your adventures at the gym. 

That's 24 minutes from concept to publication. I've beaten the 30 minute clock. 

* Details from the site. 

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