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Monday, April 1, 2013

Curing the Blues with Story ... On the Radio

From time to time life throws outrageous slings and arrows our way, derailing the train to Peace of Mind, and leaving us in Fretful Gulch. Other times we are overcome by a tsunami of mixed metaphors. Then there's grief, missed opportunities, and ridiculous rumors and conspiracy theories aimed at you by people who should know better. All of it leads to some pretty bad days every now and again. I had one just recently ... and found a cure for what ailed me.  Since I like you, I'll share.

On Glynn Washington's Snap Judgment radio show, the episode entitled "The Great Outdoors" featured a story by the host entitled "The Bees." That story alone put a smile back on my face. By the time the hour finished with "Attack of the Nudies," I had a complete attitude adjustment. I highly recommend the program, especially that episode, and most especially "The Bees." By the time one line was repeated three times I was laughing out loud. See for yourself:

Thanks to Glynn and the whole crew on Snap Judgment.

Signed ~ Grateful Snapper.

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