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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Facebook Friending Your Special Interests Brings Unexpected Benefits

I have discovered that when you friend special interest groups on Facebook, you reap an unexpected benefit. Yesterday, one of my friended groups sent me a prepared letter to all members of the House and Senate on an issue I believe in. The letter was set up to be sent to every member that represents my district with just a few keystrokes. It was simplicity itself. Once digitally signed, it provided me with the specific requirements for the letter to go through to each of my representatives. It was all finished in five minutes tops.

So, if you wish to be empowered quickly to have your voice heard, friend your favorite groups. From time to time they may provide you with opportunities to act in one way or another. They may alert you to projects in your region for which you might volunteer. They may bring your attention to dire issues you should act upon. And, on occasion they may provide you with a well-worded, succinct letter that you can electronically sign and send that will join your voice with many other like-minded folks, allowing you to make a point with your civil servants (whether they are acting civilly or not) quickly and efficiently.

Technology truly can empower us ... provided we know how and where to harness it. Facebook friending is proving to be one of those harnessing tools, much to my pleasant surprise. Here's to your voice being heard!

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