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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Public Speaking Engagements Enhanced by iPad and Apps

If you are involved in public speaking at multiple venues, you know that the equipment you'll have available for your presentation varies widely. Some podiums are equipped with everything you need, while others are barely lit. Bring the iPad along for the occasion. With the screen lit from within, you'll be able to see the material you have to present clearly (just make sure the iPad is fully charged before you begin) and you are able to magnify the text if need be. This tablet format will better fit the available surface than either your paper copy or your laptop computer.

With the Pages writing program ($10), you can import entire Word documents, edit them on the fly for varying venues and audiences, and deliver the results in a professional way. No more squinting at hand written scrawl for edits. The edited text is all in Word and clear as can be.

With the tablet, you don't worry about keeping your note pages flush to the tabletop so people can't see when you shift pages, you'll never have your pages out of order, and if you choose to walk away from the podium (with a mic or a powerful voice), you're carrying a cool device rather than paper or note cards.

If you have material you want to share, you can import PDF files and then email them to interested parties after you have spoken.

Now, if you have the Keynote program, Apple Airport Express, and an Apple TV (approximately $100 each for the Airport Express and Apple TV), you can produce and deliver wireless presentations without the need for either a laptop. But that moves us into a different realm entirely.

If you have a Q & A follow up to your speech, you can equip your iPad with a wireless keyboard (Kensington has a reliable model for $100) and take notes on what people say using a separate Pages document. Of course you can also pick up a digital recorder app for that and save yourself the typing. Some of the recorder apps are free. Very convenient.

Beware, however, this can quickly become addictive. You may never go back to paper again ... or a laptop if you were so inclined.

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