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Friday, May 3, 2013

Adventures in Fitness 15: One Guy's Attempt to Knock the Rust Off: Beware the Ego!

I know better. I really do. And yet, near the end of my last workout routine, I was feeling really good. So I sat down at the leg press (you know, seat, big panel in front of you for your feet to push against, weights ... many heavy weights), cranked it up (there was a time I lifted 750 pounds with my legs ... but that was in another millennium ... and these weights won't go that high), and did twenty repetitions. I was inordinately pleased with myself until I let the weights drop and sat forward. Suddenly, I was out of breath and dizzy. My head was starting to ache at the top. I sat there wondering if I would faint or if some blood vessel somewhere in my head or heart had a thin wall that was being pushed just a little too far. I remember looking around and thinking "What a stupid way to die." Well, of course I didn't die, this isn't a message from the great beyond, and I didn't give myself a debilitating stroke or heart attack, but I did have a very sobering moment. That was my shot across the bow warning from my body to my ego addled brain. As all the books and physicians tell you, don't push your limits too far, ever, in your exercise. Especially if you are middle aged or older. Reign in that ego and live longer. Lower weights, more reps, never continue until you fail to lift the weights one more time. Go easier on your aging body. Build it up more gently and stay in the game longer. So endeth the lesson!

Putting a spring in my step, though tempered by the above, I have dropped below a certain ten digit level I haven't been beneath in years. It feels great. However, I'll reign in the ego here as well, set aside the celebratory ice cream and cookies, and keep working. (Okay, maybe just a little ice cream ... a couple of cookies ... and then back to the gym.) It's all good. It's also truly amazing the lessons you learn at the gym.

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