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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Adventures in Fitness 16: One Guy's Attempt to Knock the Rust Off: RELAX!

Today I have an important conference call to make. This call may impact my future and the future of my family in a big way ... or it may not, depending on how it goes. Stressful ... absolutely. I've done what I can to prepare (which isn't so much ... and that's maddening for me). So, last night I decided to take all that stress over to the gym and work it out. An hour later, lo and behold, I'm not worried, overly concerned, sweating bullets ... nope, I'm calm. I have a happy body that has been well worked out.

This morning I get up and that body is STILL relaxed. This body of mine feels loose and limber, without overly sore muscles, stiff neck, or angry lower back (a regular feature of mine if I don't exercise and a souvenir of a long past career in archaeology, but that's another story). This is a revelation to me. Happy body = calm mind. 

My take away from this is: the night before the big meeting, interview, or phone call, get yourself to the gym. Work out all those bullets you'd sweat anyway in a positive, proactive way that will leave your body humming and in good humor. 

I imagine by the time of the phone call some of the tension will have returned. That's fine; that's normal. For now though I'm going to enjoy this grace moment and get things done with a clear head and fearless heart. I believe it was in Frank Herbert's Dune series that one character intoned ominously that "Fear is the mind killer." If so, exercise appears to be the mind saver, keeping you loose and your thoughts clear for the big day. 

Take that fear to the gym and work it out. See if it helps you as it is helping me. Good luck with whatever big moment awaits you.

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