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Friday, June 7, 2013

Converting Digital Movies from QuickTime to Windows Media Player for Free!

If you're anything like me, you're old enough to be a digital immigrant rather than a digital native, i.e., the digital world grew up around you rather than you being born immersed in it. For me, the introduction started relatively early ... by my early teen years with pocket calculators (who remembers the first simple Texas Instruments calculator that could add, subtract, multiply and divide only ... and what it cost, think three digits before the decimal place here). It's all great as long as things work well. However, if there is some failure to communicate ... I'm almost lost. I know enough to seek out help either from Google or my friendly IT guy at work, and I am able to follow instructions with some level of confidence (meaning I don't think I'm going to kill my machine trying to work a problem through ... although I'll back everything up first ... from that machine and any others ... before beginning). All this is preamble to the problem. If someone who needs to see a video you've made but can't open your .MOV file, what do you do? You fix the problem by translating your video to the .WMV format, which is read by Windows Media Player and send another copy.

Here's how it is done in a nutshell.

1. Check to see if your PC is loaded with Windows Live Movie Maker (if you have Windows 7, it is). Look for Windows Live Movie Maker under your start button, All Programs. That is Start, All Programs, Windows Live, Windows Live Movie Maker OR Start, All Programs, Windows Live Movie Maker standing among the programs available rather than further down in the folder. If you don't have Windows Live, you can Google it and check to see if you can download it to your machine.

2. Open Windows Live Movie Maker and from the Home tab select Add Videos and Photos. You'll get the customary dialog box and be asked to find your movie. WARNING: If you are getting ready to convert a fairly long video, it will take some time to upload completely. Go get coffee or tea and busy yourself with something else. When you come back, you'll be a lot closer to completion if not ready to go.

3. Test the video. It will appear on the left. Hit the play button to make sure the whole video is there and ready to convert. If it is, it will play. Simple so far.

4. Go to the Save Movie icon near the far right. Select this, name your video, and make sure that under the title you select that you want to save your video in the .wmv format.

5. Let Windows Live Movie Maker do its magic.

6. Send the converted film and make someone happy.

For a more detailed and prettier version of this information, see:

Mystery solved. Enjoy!

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