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Thursday, June 20, 2013

I'm Taking More Family Photos Now

Until recently, lining up the folks you love at a get together for one of those all inclusive family photos has been very low on my priority list. The line up, the fixed smiles, the multiple cameras, the switching in and out to get the photographer ... you know the routine ... it all seemed a big nuisance.

Then, Mom died ...



That changed everything. Looking back through photos I had, I couldn't find her nearly as often as I wanted to see her. Mom was not a big fan any kind of photo ... of her. She was lovely, self possessed, and her warmth would shine through in a picture ... to me ... but she was not very happy to find herself in front of the lens. And yet, Mom was the one who got everyone off to a photo studio during a big family gathering for another session in front of a big lens ... and bigger as the years went by to get us all in. The last time we sat for a photographer in the mall, they had to work hard to gather up enough seats to sit on and boxes to stand on to get us all in.

From time to time, during these expeditions, I'd wonder about that paradox. But now I understand Mom's wisdom in this matter all too well. Life teaches its lessons.

So, from now on, with cameras in just about everything, I'm making sure whenever the rest of us get together, however many of us there are, I'll be capturing at least one group shot of us all. I want that record of those happy times as bright beacons for the stormy weather that is sure to come again somewhere down the road.

Yeah, I'm a big fan of the family photo now.

Stand a little closer together, will you? Let me get this ...

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