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Friday, June 14, 2013

Interviews: The Day After ... ZOMBIFICATION!

There are all sorts of self-help books out there to tell you how to navigate an important interview of whatever type. All sorts of questions you can ask, response techniques that are better than others, eye contact, voice inflection and speed of delivery, etc. But what they tend not to discuss is the day after.

Having recently been through a long and productive interview, the next day, much to my horror on arising, I was a zombie, yes, an emotionally drained, hollow-eyed, zero energy, slow moving zombie (nothing speedy like World War Z ... I have no idea where those guys and gals got all that energy, obviously they had a different sort of interview). I shuffled through the day, getting things done (barely), interacting when absolutely necessary, and just kept wishing it was bedtime. And this interview went well, mind you!

So, be prepared. Rest up as best you can prior to the big moment. Do the exercise thing like I did the night before. BUT, DO NOT (not shouting here, just giving emphasis) schedule anything that requires energy for the next day. Prepare to be "zombiefied" in the slow moving sense the next day (without the unnatural desire for brains, there's one plus) with brains of mush in your own skull. Try not to second guess what you might have said or what the interviewers are saying about you afterwards. That road leads to crazytown and you don't want to live there. To get through the zombie-day-after, I recommend putting some bright and shiny fun thing at the end of your day to help you navigate through the fog and to keep you from simply curling up under your desk for more sleep.

Good luck to you in your interview and better luck to you in the day after!

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