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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dealing with iPad Video Playback Errors

I'll start with the disclaimer: I'm not a computer expert. I can only tell you what worked for me.

Here's the situation: you've been watching videos on your iPad when suddenly the action stops and that little revolving loading icon takes the screen. It spins for a while and then you get the dread Playback Error message. Your viewing is done. What do you do?

I've searched the Internet for answers and come up with few directed to this issue. So, here's my two cents worth ... assuming others have the same issue.

Here's what I've done, from least to most helpful.

  • Grumble profusely ... it never helps but it makes you feel better. However, never do this around someone else ... or you won't feel better after they have a few choice words for you and your "first world problem." 
  • This playback error tends to happen when I've been watching for a while and the battery is warming up. What this has to do with download and playback ability I'll never know. So, first, you can walk away and let the iPad cool down for about an hour. At that point the error will be gone and you can continue. To keep the battery cooler longer, take it out of whatever case you're carrying it in. Remind yourself that this is not a truly serious situation as you walk off muttering. 
  • Second and final option, remind yourself that this shiny gadget in your hands is a computer. Turn it off, actually, completely off ... like you would a PC or a Mac that's frozen in the midst of some program. Wait ten seconds or so, counting slowly, and turn it back on. By the time it has recovered itself, I've found the iPad to be willing to venture on with the video, warm battery or no warm battery. I don't know if this will work every time, but it has worked for me. 
If you've found better solutions ... and a good explanation for this iPad behavior ... please let me know. Good luck!

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