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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Adventures in Fitness 18: One Guy's Attempt to Knock the Rust Off: Buttons and Joy

I've done enough exercising sporadically over the years to know when things are getting too comfortable. I love the elliptical machine. Forty minutes with the machine set for a "cardio" workout is now a walk in the park. And that's trouble. It means I'm used to what I'm doing, my body has adjusted to it, my muscles are now up to the task ... AND I'm not making further progress. So I decided to check out another button on the machine. Personal Fitness Trainer it's called. I tried it on level 2 or 25 (no need to jump into the deep end just yet, right?). WOW! Suddenly it's go this fast for a few minutes, then push with your arms, followed by pull with your arms, then don't let the speed go below six mph for so long, followed by now let's pedal backwards for a while, followed by go your own pace for a bit. This really changed things up. After 20 minutes I was in a real sweat. I'm wondering what 40 or 50 minutes with this mechanical trainer will be like and what the higher settings have in store. It looks like I've found a way to be far less comfortable with my workout for a while (and my love affair with the elliptical can continue)!

On to joy: our daughter has been coming with us. She's not a huge fan of exercise (neither am I to be honest ... I can still find all sorts of excuses not to go ... but I'm learning to love it for the effect and the lack of anxiety you feel for a couple of hours afterwards ... but I digress) but she's loving the results she's getting. Now she's added a home routine (we have free weights around the house) to the mix and is getting a real kick out of the results. I never expected my exercise behavior to rub off on another family member. Seeing her excel and get the results she wants, talking with her about tactics to reach new goals ... that's an unexpected joy I'm glad to have as part of my attempt to knock the rust off!

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